Protect America's Farms, Small Businesses, and Retirees. Preserve the 1031 Exchange.

America's family-owned farms, small businesses and retirees are facing a potentially devastating tax bill that could wipe out years of hard work and investment. Say "no" to higher taxes for our farms and small businesses by filling out the form below.

Tell Your Congressional Representatives to Preserve the 1031 Exchange

Tell your elected representatives not to raise the tax bills for America's family farms, small businesses, and retirement savers. Congress is deciding now whether to overhaul tax rules to severely limit the benefits of 1031 like-kind exchanges, which have encouraged investment in land and property, supporting the American economy for nearly a century. The severe limitations proposed for 1031 exchanges would prevent many hardworking Americans from preserving capital and income that they depend on.

Use this form to quickly send an email to your representatives in the U.S. Congress and let them know that you stand with these hard working Americans and their families in opposing this tax threat.

Like-kind exchange rules would support $4.4 billion of investment at businesses that make use of the like-kind exchange rules, which together with their US suppliers, and the related US consumer spending, would employ an estimated 568,000 workers earning $27.5 billion in wages and benefits and would contribute to generating $55.3 billion in US value added in 2021.

— Ernst & Young, "Economic Contribution of IRC Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges to the US Economy in 2021"

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Why You Should Get Involved to Protect Like-Kind Exchanges


In speaking about the American Families Plan, President Biden has said that "a strong middle class is the backbone of America. It should be easier for American families to break into the middle class, and easier to stay in the middle class." Unfortunately, by largely restricting or eliminating 1031 exchanges, Congress would work against the President’s goal by raising taxes on hardworking Americans, including farmers, small businesses owners, and retirement savers, by blocking access to this important wealth building tool.

The 1031 exchange is a wealth-building tool used by hardworking middle-class Americans for nearly a century. Those planning for and living in retirement use like-kind exchanges as a key part of their retirement planning. Like-kind exchanges also help to ensure that family-owned farms and small businesses can continue operating even as they pass between generations.

State and local governments also rely on the revenue generated by 1031 exchanges to fund community priorities like education, infrastructure, and health and safety improvements. If Congress limits like-kind exchanges as it is considering, that source of funding would be substantially reduced, leaving communities forced to pick up the tab or reducing community services and investment.

Please click here to take action to make your voice heard and please encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join us in this fight to preserve the 1031 exchange. You can educate yourself and others on the issues using the materials on our 1031 Resource Page.

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